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Checking Your Deep River Window Replacement

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Windows

Window Replacement

For some people (mostly home-improvement enthusiasts), the day of their Deep River window replacement is like Christmas. Since you have invested a good deal of time in research and money out of your pocket, you want to be sure that the contractor did a good job. After all, a window replacement will only save you money in energy costs if it is installed properly. Use the following tips to make sure your new Deep River replacement windows are installed cleanly and properly.
Window is installed level. Use your own or get your contractor to place a level on the windowsill. If the bubble in the level is between the two lines on the tube, then you know your window itself is level, too.
Window is installed square. Make sure that your windows were installed properly and squarely by measuring the distance from corner to corner diagonally across the window frame. The two measurements should be the same.
Window is installed flush. A flush installation means that the replacement window is installed straight up and down, not leaning in or out. Checking this is similar to checking to see if the window is level. Place the level on the side of the window so that it rests on the interior side of the window frame. Instead of looking at the center bubble of the level, look for the bubble that will be located on one end of the level. It should be sitting between the two indicator lines of it’s tube.
An even outside sealant. Your window’s sealant is what will keep water out, so look for a smooth application with no holes. An area with thin sealant could dry out and crack over time, letting in water and causing damage.
Windows operate properly. It seems simple, but don’t forget to open and close the window completely to make sure it operates. Make sure you can also operate the locks, because its better to get it fixed while the contractor is there rather than schedule additional maintenance.
Interior cavity is properly insulated. One of the best things about getting replacement windows is the money it will save you in energy costs. However, unless the window is properly insulated around the edges where it meets the walls it will be a moot point. The gap around the window where it meets the wall should be filled with a low expansion insulating foam or backer rod before trim is applied.
Using these tips, making sure your Deep River window replacement is of top quality should be a breeze. Your Deep River contractor should be willing to fix any problems you spot on site, saving you additional time and money.

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