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  • The roof on your Connecticut home has a big job on its hands. It’s responsible for keeping the weather off you and your family while protecting one of your largest investments, Your home. It’s important when repairing or replacing your roof that your money is spent wisely on the best course of action. That’s where we come in. We won’t sell you what you don’t need. With 24 years in the Connecticut roofing business and experiencing some of the worst winters on record here, We know what roofing materials are best suited for your home. Roofing systems with beauty and durability to stand the test of time and Connecticut’s winters.


  • When it comes to your homes roof you’re deciding on beauty and durability. We have a very large variety of roof shingles for your Connecticut home. From composites to metal, asphalt and fiberglass all these roof types offer a particular degree of beauty and protection for your home. Wind ratings, warranties and the accessories all play a part in the best roofing option for you and your home. Don’t worry we will help you and explain all the details for each roofing material.

  • On your roof installation we take care of everything from the building permit to complete cleanup of the job site. We are careful to cover a/c units, flowers and vegetation, decks and railings and any other outdoor features you may have that need protection during the roof installation process. Length of the roof installation will vary by home size and roofing type. We work as efficiently as possible but our main concern is that every roof no matter what size is installed to manufacturer specifications and ours. Through our experience with roofing in Connecticut there are a number of areas that we exceed manufacturer specifications so your roofs performance is unsurpassed.

  • Getting a roof estimate in Connecticut is easy with us. You will meet with an actual roofer with many years of hands on experience that can answer all your roofing questions. He will go over the roofing requirements your home needs whether it’s a roof repair or complete replacement. He will show you what roofing needs to be done and guide you in selecting an option to meet your needs and your budget. We will provide a written roof estimate with details and roofing prices on your roofing project with no sales pressure. Your roofing estimate will be fully explained so you will know the whole project start to finish. We also offer financing for roofing projects of all types. Ask your sales person about our many financing programs available. Ready to take the next step? We have a number of ways you can contact us. Fill out the form below or go to our contact page. You can also schedule a roofing estimate in Connecticut on a day and time that’s convenient for by scheduling a roofing estimate in the contact area on the lower right side of the page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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