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Connecticut Heated Gutter Guards vs Connecticut Ice Dams

by | Dec 9, 2012 | Gutters

Heated Gutter

Connecticut homeowners and businesses have seen ice dams in recent years that have caused major damage to their property. Many people are baffled as they have never seen anything like it. In most cases the gutters are blamed as the ice can be seen forming in them and the ice dams build from there. Ice dams are formed from heat escaping from the living space of the home or building, while insulation might have some effect on controlling them, proper ventilation is the key to significantly reducing or eliminating ice dams. Sometimes installing proper ventilation can be very costly depending on the existing structure. Heated gutter guards are an excellent choice at helping prevent ice dams on your Connecticut home or business. You can select the problem areas to heat or heat your entire gutter system. The heated gutter guards are not only effective on your Connecticut property they are also aesthetically pleasing as the cable in hidden under the system. They are available in 14 colors and are available for copper gutters in Connecticut too. Heated gutter guards can be installed on your existing gutters if they are in good condition and meet certain install criteria. Have a professional gutter installer come out and evaluate your current system. You don’t have to wait, these systems are installed year round. So contact your Connecticut gutter professional today for a free inspection and free quote for your Connecticut home or business.

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