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Connecticut’s Best Gutter Guards

by | Jan 31, 2013 | Gutters

You may have been cleaning your own gutters for years and are ready to hang up your ladder. Maybe you had a close call or two. Cleaning your gutters is a dangerous job. On the other hand maybe you been having someone clean them. The only problem with that is in order to be effective and keep your gutters clean, the average home would need about 4 to 6 cleanings per year, sometimes more. Any wind and rain storm can bring down enough green debris to clog your gutters. Don’t forget when we talk about clogs we are really talking about the downspout or the outlet. That is where the water is looking to exit your gutters. Just a few leaves can clog a downspout or significantly slow down the flow of water, enough for you to get an overflow. That is why gutter guards make sense, they can keep your gutters clear year round. But, which gutter guard will do it? With so many gutter guards on the market how do you choose? What do i look for in a gutter guard? What is the best gutter guard in Connecticut? We have over 22 years of experience with gutter guards in Connecticut. When shopping for gutter guards keep these points in mind:

  • Make sure it pitches or has the same angle as your roof, So debris can shed off the gutter guard easily
  • Metal gutter guards are the best. They wont melt from high roof temperatures
  • If it has holes or slots in it. It will clog
  • See that it has a Great warranty
  • Take your time and compare ALL the systems that interest you. Don’t cave in to sales pressure

This gutter guard has all the features and benefits your looking for. We don’t install anything else but micro mesh gutter guards, The reason? It works. Contact us for a Free, No pressure estimate or visit the website and find out more.

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