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What a difference a Connecticut Door makes

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Doors

Entry Doors in any home work very hard throughout their life. If you think about how many times they are opened and closed compared to your windows the count would be staggering. We count on them to keep the elements outside along with keeping us safe from any bad elements in the area if you know what i mean. We have installed many doors in our 20 years in business here in CT. The Connecticut doors that we are most impressed with are Therma Tru Doors. These fiberglass doors are not only beautiful but, strong and energy efficient. They can be stained or painted like wood. You can hit them with a hammer and not dent them. They are foam filled and for doors that have glass they are available with low E glazing. These doors are also Energy Star Rated and do qualify for a rebate. So if your thinking about changing your Connecticut entry doors, think of Therma Tru Doors and Premium Siding & Windows, LLC in Naugatuck, CT


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