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How You Benefit From Connecticut Vinyl Shake Siding

by | May 1, 2012 | Siding

If you are a simple homeowner looking for a simple yet impressive siding for your house, then Connecticut vinyl shake siding would be your best choice.

What is Vinyl Shake Siding?

A shake is basically a wooden shingle crafted from split logs. Shake siding is one of the traditional siding options in North America. Western red cedar is the common shake material. What differentiates shake from other shingles is that they are split instead of being sawn on all sides.

Nowadays, cedar shakes become expensive for many homeowners. Vinyl shake siding is the alternative option for homeowners who are looking for a siding material that has a lower price tag compared to shake siding made from red cedar.

Advantages of Vinyl Shake Siding

Low Cost:

The main reason why vinyl siding has become popular nowadays is its affordability. And cost really matter these days. Sure, your house would be a real head turner if it has classy red cedar siding, but you will be spending a considerable amount of money doing so.

A spendthrift neighbor or officemate would tell you that you can just use your credit card to purchase your dream red cedar shake siding. That would not be a rational action if you do not have ample funds. As much as possible, you should not incur too much credit card debt. Why overspend buying expensive siding when you can just get a more affordable vinyl siding? Vinyl siding made to look like shake looks like the real thing. So you would really feel that every dime that you will spend with this siding is worth it.

Easy Maintenance and Durable:

Keeping wooden siding in good condition requires you to spend money. Vinyl siding, though, will not obligate you to dig your pockets for maintenance money-it is virtually maintenance-free. You do not need to wax it to keep it shiny because it never fades and always retain its elegant look. It is also resistant from mildew damage and termite attacks.

Simply Elegant:

Aside from being affordable, durable, and easy to maintain, Connecticut vinyl shake siding has one more great benefit: it endows any home a simple yet elegant flair. With Connecticut vinyl shake siding, you can be sure that your house will make a favorable impression.


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