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Ice Dams in Connecticut

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Roofs

Our winter here in Connecticut this year was one for the record books. We also have seen a record number of Connecticut roofs collapsing around the state due to the above average snow loads. Another common problem were the ice dams in Connecticut. Ice dams caused major damage to Connecticut homes this winter. You can see from the picture on the right a typical ice dam forming on a roof in Connecticut. Now with the all the bad weather we had it is hard to believe but the ice dams are formed from, Heat. Heat that is escaping from your home into your attic space. There are a minimum of two things that need to be done to control ice dams, one is adequate insulation on your attic floor and the second is the proper amount of ventilation from your overhangs or soffits to the peak of your roof. This creates a natural airflow stabilizing the air temperature at your roofs edge, Thus reducing or eliminating ice dam formation. Need our help? Call us or book an estimate online here.


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