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Cleaning Your Roof in Connecticut

by | Mar 23, 2013 | Gutters

Roof mold, moss and algae can make a roof even a few years old look terrible not to mention the overall impact on the look of your home. Many of these conditions in Connecticut happen typically on the north side of your home / roof where the sun cant quite reach with some normalcy to burn the mold or moss off. Many of the growths like a cool damp area to thrive in. It’s a good idea to keep the growths in check, so they don’t migrate up under your shingles causing more than just aesthetic problems. Growth that gets under your shingles cant unseal the shingles leading to blow offs by high winds and moisture damage to your roof deck or plywood. Here are some tips on roof cleaning whether you are doing it your self or hiring someone.

  • Don’t use a pressure washer with high pressure.
  • Use a chemical such as Wet N Forget to first soak the growth
  • Use a brush or broom and carefully sweep down the roof only
  • When rinsing use just enough pressure to get the debris and solution off the shingles. A garden hose with a nozzle is fine.
  • If your doing it yourself, Be careful, it can be Very slippery on the roof surface.

Remember to clean your gutters and downspouts after and if you have underground pipes its a good idea to cover or disconnect the downspouts so you don’t send all that debris to your underground pipes and clog them. If you don’t have a great gutter guard installed you should look into them. Make sure your roof cleaning chemicals are safe for other vegetation around your home. Some roof cleaning chemicals are harsh and can kill all your plants and flowers.

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