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Seamless Gutters in Connecticut

by | Dec 16, 2012 | Gutters

Many Connecticut homeowners and businesses have dealt with gutter and downspout issues at one time or another. Everyone knows the function of gutters and downspouts on their home or business, but did you know how important gutter and downspout size and placement are? Many times not much thought goes into just how all that water will get into your gutters (size of the gutter) and then how will all that water get out (size of the downspout), then where will all that water go? (downspout placement). Whether your property is in Connecticut or not everyone with a gutter system has to give this some thought. There are some general guidelines your Connecticut gutter professional should follow with regards to how much water various gutter sizes and downspout sizes can handle, common sense plays a big roll here too. No matter what type of property you have in Connecticut you are controlling a certain amount of volume and velocity of water. Roof pitch, length of rafters, roof valleys, lengths of eaves or gutter length help determine the size of your gutters along with annual rain fall in your area of Connecticut. Downspout size, number of downspouts and placement will allow all that water to get out of your gutters to the area you desire. One thing to keep in mind in new installations, sometimes we can move the current downspout locations to dump the water in a more suited location, maybe away from the driveway or sidewalk for instance or maybe we are installing a rain barrel for you and a more convenient location is more suitable for you. Adding gutter guards is also an excellent idea to help reduce maintenance and preserve the gutter system. Don’t assume your new home has the correct gutter size and placement. Sometimes gutters and downspouts on new homes are installed with more thought on aesthetics than function. We have seen this technique cause a lot of unnecessary water damage on homes around the state of Connecticut. Feel free to contact us for a free Connecticut gutter inspection or estimate for your Connecticut home or business.


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