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A Few Tips On Cleaning Your Connecticut Windows

by | May 2, 2012 | Windows

As you know, we offer replacement windows for your home, but I thought I’d post about keeping those Connecticut replacement windows clean. Enjoy…

You might be wondering how professional window cleaners do such a fine job in making windows so clean. It is as if they are using some secret techniques to achieve those sparkling results. Do they use a special solution that nobody knows of? What exactly are they doing? One thing for sure, they are not using any window cleaning solution that can be bought off the shelf. Those window cleaning chemicals sold in supermarket and hardware stores would only cause your windows smudges and streaks. There are still some people who believed in the old school way of cleaning windows, through the use of old newspapers and some vinegar to achieve the perfect clean.

It may work if your windows are not too old and stained by time and alternating weather conditions. Nowadays, it is not surprising to find all kinds of window cleaning devices and associated equipment readily available in the market. You can even go online and buy from there. You might not achieve satisfactory results if you do not have the right equipment. You will need equipment ranging from different shape and sizes of squeegees, window scrapers, window cleaning soaps, lint-free wiping cloth, a bucket and of course, a ladder. Typically, you might need a water-fed pole for those hard to reach windows. All of these can be bought through your favorite online shopping store. Some bigger brands home improvement stores also carry these types of specialized equipment.

What is the best way to prepare your window cleaning solution?

Perhaps the best and most economical soap you can use for professional looking windows is dish washing liquid soap. You can add a few drops in a bucket and you’re good to go. You can mix it with some aroma chemicals to make your windows not only clean but smells good too. You might, however, be tempted to add other ingredients that are laying on your kitchen shelves such as alcohol, ammonia or even vinegar. These are not recommended as they might cause damage to your windows by staining any wood panels that surround it. Dish washing soap alone is very effective and can break the tough bonding of dirt into the glass surface and it is the perfect lubricant for your squeegees as well. You simply need to soak the sponge into the bucket that has the prepared solution and apply this to the window surface. For those hard to come off dirt such as stickers, or even bird’s poo, you can try scraping it with the scrape tool. You’ll find it is much easier to do the scraping before applying the solution.

Some other window cleaning secrets and techniques includes:

Ensure that your squeegees are in top condition and there are no breaks or cracks in its edges; A cut in the fine line of the rubber will cause water lines causing streaks to appear. To prevent the water excess from spoiling the wall below the windows, it is best to protect it with a cloth or towels. As a general rule, always clean the part with the most dirt and dust before moving to the next part, this enables you to see how well the cleaning progresses.


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